This Chick is Toast

by Kate Rados

What causes a trend?

No, seriously.  I’m asking because suddenly I’m into quirky objects surrounding toast.  And it’s not because I’ve been on a low-carb thing for a couple of weeks (I hate you, quinoa).  For instance, I have a new office to decorate and since the average New Yorker in Publishing spends roughly 1.5 million hours a day* at work, I thought I’d make it homey.  Wall decals are pretty cool and there are a lot of options out there.  For instance, there’s a wall-sized Super Mario Brothers set, though I don’t think 1UP properly sets up the ‘I’m a Marketing Executive’ message.  But then, there’s this pretty rad Rube Goldberg machine decal that eventually makes toast.

No, those aren’t my feet.  Nor toast.

Same day, in Google Reader, up popped a defibrillator toaster. And Toast Bandages.  If I was working for a women’s lifestyle magazine, I would declare Toast a TREND and immediately speculate when it would be pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s love child.  So why is toast suddenly ironic?  Why not english muffins?  Is it because it’s plain and accessible?  Is it because the hipsters declared it so?  Is it because I made fun of hipsters?

I swear this has to do with publishing: when society pounces on a trend, sometimes it’s not really clear why that particular item/theme/person is popular. But the curiosity is there, as is the need for instant gratification.  Do I think there should be five new books on the history or toast?  Not necessarily.  There will always be noise on the internet and there will also always be a group of people pointing to what they find fun and interesting.  The question is:  how are you ready to connect?

PS: Here’s the title reference. If you knew already, you have my unwavering affection. Hat. Tip.

PPS: I hold no responsibility for any toast memoirs.

*Rough estimate.