Makin’ moves, to a new job!

by Pablo Defendini

So on Friday, I tweeted that this Wednesday, 14 April, will be my last day working at Macmillan, as producer for The last two years have been an amazing ride; I’ve met and gotten to work with some incredible people in the science fiction and fantasy field, and I’ve had the opportunity to take part in growing the site into a wonderfully diverse and engaged community for science fiction and fantasy fandom. I’ve loved being a part of the site, and feel very gratified with what we’ve accomplished, particularly with regards to creating a platform for authors to get the word out about their work, regardless of which house they’re publishing with.

So the question remains, of course: what next? Well, I’m delighted to announce that starting on 23 April, I’ll be taking on the role of Interactive Producer at Open Road Integrated Media, working on all sorts of wonderfully interesting and exciting new projects (which I can’t talk about publicly. Alas. But take my word for it, they are exciting, and they’re very interesting).

Open Road exemplifies some of the key attributes that I think are going to be crucial for publishers to not simply weather the years to come, but to thrive in this brave new digital world: a small, lean, nimble operation with an iconoclastic and focused leadership, a willingness to branch out beyond traditional print publishing disciplines and meld them with other media, and the fearlessness necessary to embrace new technology and techniques in order to spread the word about the authors that they’re passionate about.

I’m very excited to be embarking upon this new phase in my career, and really looking forward to doing my part in helping craft Open Road into one of the paragons of sleek publishing.